What the people are saying, who live work, own have a vested interest in North Carolina are saying about the write - in candidate Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, PhD for United States Senate.

"Thank you Candidate for your kindness I know that you will win because God is with you... This is a God ordained assignment for you and I know that you also believe that this is true.  God will provide all that you need all the resources you need.  It will come.  Or it may be one person, ... who knows, but God." Reverend VA, AZ...


" "I cannot think of anyone better qualified..."I know no one better to serve" by Rodd Mann November 11th, 2016
Apostle Dr. Carol Sherman &                 Bishop Dr. Duane Sherman                   Ramah Institute of Theology   

Diva's Den withTheresa Jones

"With GOD all things are possible. You can do this Bishop."  Evangelist Dr. BAW, CALF

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