August 08th-20th,2016 a brief story which demonstrate how the power of God has worked and performed miracles in and throughout Dr. Abrams, life.

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Another God ordained, God sent, God divinely driving Historical event --- 

HISTORY in the Making in the General Election November 8th, 2016

 Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv, DD, PhD - Write-In Candidate for United States Senate

Watch and see how God unfolds His blessings upon you as you VOTE for by writing-in the name of Candidate Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, PhD for United States Senate


Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv. DD, Ph.D.

1-(910) 366-7446 (office); Fax #: 1-(866)-454-9325


PRESS RELEASE: August 20th, 2016

Reference: Fluent in the Patois Linguist --- Other language is basic knowledge: Spanish, French, Korean, Latin, Icelandic, Dutch, and English

Education: Bachelors of Human Resources Management from New School University; Masters of Divinity from Howard University; Doctor of Divinity from University Southern Indiana; Honorary Doctorate Degree Ph.D. Dr. Anthony T. May, PhD the great, great grandson of the founder of Howard University School of Religion - Mays Hall -   “Mays Hall,” School Washington, DC –   Ramah Institute of Theology, PhD – Chancellor of My King’s Service University

Work Experience: 25 years with Department of Defense – Theologian, scholar, and Ministry with My King’s Service.

I have had 25 years of active, as well as, Reservist military and civilian experience with the United States Department of Defense.

·         Republic of Korea ROK, Air Base

·         Griffiss Air Force Base - Management of over

$4 billion dollars in equipment an asset for the flight line - Mission: Priority One to keep the sorties flying

·         Adjunct Professor: Mohawk Valley Community College

·         Teacher, Teachers Assistant, Substitute Teacher, Agency: Department of Defense NATO, Naval Air Station, Keflavik, Iceland - Department of Defense DOD Education System,

·         US Army Chaplain Corp

1.        The Pentagon conducting related business with the Department of Defense DOD

My job basically was to take care of the Secretary of the Army/Assistant Secretary of the Army - Executive Staff... 

·         As far as IT/Computer Systems - My knowledge is vast with more than 21+ years of experience, computer, write code & programming language for software, such as: JAVA, Script, HTML code, XML, Rails, and others programming languages.  A+ & C database & Rail - I have used these skills throughout all ministerial duties at My King’s Service Pentecostal Church of God MKS PCG, Inc., and in Civilian ministerial related jobs

·         United State Army Chaplain – Church covering the Pentecostal Church of God, Military Officer in the Chaplain Corp for the Department of Defense

·         Minister and Theologian for the work and word of the one true and living God. Bishop and Minister at My King’s Service – rank - Arch-Bishop        Reference: upon request.

One of the greatest expertise and experience that I can share with the general public is reflected in this brief story which is recorded in history:

       I recall the time when the President of the United States declare war which was call Desert Storm of the first Persian Gulf War _ I was recalled to active duty during my Holiday vacation to work on the Strategic Air Command (SAC)  Hill…

  It was a cold and dark night when my Family drove me to SAC Hill flight line.  It was the last day of the year, a time when our Family tradition celebrates, “Watch Night Service,” where we would gather together at 10 PM two hours prior to the clock striking Midnight into the New Year. Where we as a Family would pray in the New Year:

With the anticipation of the Presidential declaration of War I was recalled to work the grave yard shift, therefore, my Family was with me just hours before the Presidential declaration of War on the Persian Gulf. 

The first this that I did after watching my Family drive away and observing the red light of the mini-van fading into the darkness of that dreaded expected night. I open my office door on the Flight Line and the open my Bible to Psalms 91, “He that dwelled in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty; I will say of the LORD, he is my refuge and my fortress, my GOD; in him will I trust. After reading the entire chapter, I prayed, it was Midnight.…  The President made the expected announcement … I had already secured my station in expectation of the massive workload of, “Priority One Sorties,” that would have to go up into the nights sky .

I calmly mounted the 20,000 pound fork lift and began pulling out, “Rot-(the Engines for the B-52 G & H Bomber.)”  It was absolute amazing of the precision and time when the mechanic usual four men would come to order the engines, I would hap place the priory One Rots onto the conveyor belt for the men to gather it at the other end of the conveyor belt. 

With precise precision and 100% accuracy I load up the engines for all of the Priority One Sorties flight that night into the morning.  I was the only one working that night until 7 AM when the morning shift began to come into work.  My husband also was recall back to the duty as he steps in to his plane to complete several Bombardments upon the Persian Gulf having no civilian casualty during these Bombardments... I am sure you saw this on the regular television as the world watched on. ----------------------------------------------------------

I can truly say that the LORD was with me to do these miraculous feet … It was God and I work in complete harmony combating an unseen enemy.

MISSION Accomplished: we won that First Persian Gulf War - Deseert Storm - it was the shortest Presidential Declared War in the history of the United States... when the world watch on to see all those men in white surrendering and walking in a straight line with their hands raise as high as they could muster. Amazing...

As with everything in my life GOD has always been at the forefront of my historical career and this too will be another historical event that God will guide me through.  God will give me the wisdom needed to create laws that will make positive impact on you and your community.

One Bill  that I wil deligently work on is the Housing Veteran Elder Adult Care for All American Citizen which will start here in this State once the Bill becomes law.

I bring to you as a Candidate for the United State Senate the dedication to duty, 100% dedication attention to detail in every area.  I have and will always defend and protect the people of this great nation, as well as this State. Thank you for writing in my name at the ballot poll --- for voting for me /Electing Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams as your Senator of this great State to serve in the United States Senate.

Dear Ones, after you have written --- (write-in) my name, Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams for United States Senate 

Ask GOD for the His blessing to come upon you.

Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams for United States Senate --- She will the first Black Female who will be elected as President of the United States of America

Keep watching and see how God opens up doors that no one can close.   

This is good for America and good for this State.

Vote for and elect Dr. Marcia Karen Abrams, MDiv, DD, PhD - Write-In Candidate for United States Senate


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